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Luna Development's core services.


New online business? Still using PayPal? We’ll not only develop the website, but also walk you through what you’ll need to accept credit cards, secure customer data, and begin your marketing campaign.

Responsive Design

So your website doesn’t work on mobile? That’s not good. All of our websites are built to work across all platforms, from cell phones, to tablets, to desktops. You can’t afford to miss opportunities.

Inventory Systems

Inventory management is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. Our systems use the latest technology to help you track your inventory, cost of goods sold, transfers and traceability.

Mobile Apps

We build mobile line-of-business applications for an array of industries ranging from Field Sales and Service, to medical applications, mobile invoicing, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

QR Codes

We were the first company in North America to introduce QR Code technology and we’re still happy to offer solutions to our customers today. Beyond advertising, QR opens up a realm of utility.

Accounting Integration

QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP… we can integrate your new or existing systems to just about any accounting / ERP platform you have.

Database Optimization

SQL Server, MySQL, Access, PageMaker all have limitations. When things start to slow down, you need Luna’s professionals to optimize your large databases.

Business Intelligence

From Dashboards to Reporting, we deliver solutions that speak to decision makers. We work with you to develop your key performance indicators (KPI’s) and present the information in an efficient design.

Content Management

Blogs, articles, internal repositories, engineering diagrams, lab results… we’ve seen them all. We turn your paper in to a digital online archive that can be as open or secure as you decide you want it.


Just a few of the many projects we've done and are able to share.

Dragon's Den'

Dragon's Den: Food Scrooge

Internet Startup + eCommerce

QR Code Traceability

QR Codes for Meat Traceability

QR Codes + Inventory System

Aircraft Maintenance Inventory System

FAA Compliant Inventory

Inventory + Accounting Integration


The history of Luna Development.

  • Microsoft Canada


    Our Humble Beginnings

    In a small lab within Microsoft Canada’s headquarters, our primary client was Microsoft, and we were contracted by them to procure, configure, setup and support all hardware, software and networking.

  • Bill Gates Canada


    Full Service

    Luna would go on to provide services for the launch of the xBox gaming console, new Windows O/S's, and was personally selected to provide Bill Gates with technical support during his visits to Toronto.

  • Dynamics GP


    Introducing QR Codes and Dynamics GP for Small Business

    Luna was selected to become Microsoft’s premier partner to transition its flagship ERP/accounting system, Dynamics GP, from a quarter million dollar installation to a solution that small businesses could afford. In 2007 we were the first to introduce QR code technology to North America.



    Phase Two Expansion

    After working with hundreds of companies, Luna developed expertise in operations, management and enterprise techonology. With this expertise we launched our Management Consulting spin off named TACPART. Today, we continue to provide innovative solutions for our clients using the latest techology.

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